What's in a Mystery box?

Basically, it's a collection of Travel and Lifestyle products packaged together. In a box. Each one is built around a specific story or theme, with the goal of introducing you to something new – a better way to shave, a stylish take on barware, a new hobby, stuff like that.

Can I buy an extra box to gift this month?

Yes, ofcourse you can! You can buy upto 3 additional boxes for your friends and family or to gift. Each box will cost you Rs.2,199. Onceyou confirm, we will ship your order within 3 business days.

Can I exchange or return my Mystery Box?

Unfortunately No.Our team works to bring to you the best products each month, and our collectables are procured from across the world. We will not be able to exchange or return them. Thats the fun of a mystery box, its the element of surprise! We are sure our products will add value to your travel collection!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, sure you can. We hate to see you go, so will try our best to make you happy. But if you still want to unsubscribe,you can do so. Just send us an email at hello@twilightescapades.com and we will do the needful. we will do the needful.The process will take around 15 business days, so your next shipment may arrive. Hence we will bill you for 1 additional month and refund the balance amount in the form of an open voucher valid upto 2 years, that you can use to buy any of our product or our services.Once we cancel, you will cease to be a member and the Mystery boxes and other benefits will be stopped. The annual holiday voucher of Rs.10,000 will also be null & void if annual subscription is withdrawn.

Where and how can I use my FREE Holiday Voucher?

The holiday Voucher can be used for the Land Package in any of the holiday packages designed by Twilight Escapades. This amount will be adjusted in your payment due to us. One Voucher is valid on a single trip for minimum 2 pax travelling together.The amount of the land package should be minumum Rs.100,000 to avail the same.Incase the package amount is less than Rs.100,000, then you can use 20% of the voucher value in a single trip. The balance amount of the voucher will remain in your kitty to be utalized at a later date upto 2 years from the date of issue. Multiple vouchers cannot be clubbed together.

Contact us for any further questions at +919899294956


Subscribe, starting at just Rs.917* per month. Your Monthly Mystery Box is just a click away. Valued at over Rs.2500,Save over 200% !


Your first box is shipped immediately. From the 2nd month, boxes are dispatched by the 15th.Additional Offers are emailed. Free shipping within India.Contact us for worldwide shipping charges.

Receive and Enjoy

Enjoy your unique collectables and souvenirs. We promise you will never get the same gift twice! Trust, you'll never look at a cardboard box the same way again.



Your exclusive priviledges include free gifts & collectables, 10%-15% discounts on our products and services, fast track deliveries, free curated itineries, Holiday Vouchers and more. All in just Rs.917 every month. Cancel anytime.


Annual Subscription : Rs.11,000 and Half Yearly Subscription: Rs.6,500

Get a FREE Mystery Box every month that includes 3 different souvenirs/collectables/Travel Accessories.

Additionally, Get discount coupons and offers from our Travel, Food & Lifestyle partners. 

Get a holiday voucher for Rs.10,000 on the annual subscription and Rs.4,000 on the Half Year subscription.

Get 4 FREE customized Itineries made on annual subscription and 2 on half yearly one.

Get 10% discount on our private holiday packages.

Get 5% discount on our group holiday package

Get 15% discount on purchase of any product from our Souvenir shop.

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