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There These golden words by Robin Williams's from the movie "Good morning, Vietnam" have kept me    awake many nights, echoing in my ears since i watched this movie around a decade back. Since then I had been dreaming to visit this beautiful country someday. Finally that day came and i sat in the plane to Vietnam explore and experience its landscape & rich heritage!..

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Lyon being the gastronomic capital of France has always been on my bucket list. From chicken liver cake to pistachio sausages, here you get all kinds of innovative stuff. With so much glory and magnificence, it’s hard not to get caught up in their world of culinary extravagance. So much so, the answer to ‘what to eat in Lyon’ is endless. If you want, you could opt for a food tour or just explore on your own like I did...

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There is a popular saying that "Be in Rome like the Romans do" which means that when you are in a different country, try to be like them, soak in their culture and traditions. And that is so true for food too! When I travel one thing that connects me to the destination is the food! Trying out local delicacies is something I love and I am sure you would too. So whenever you travel to a new country or place, do try out the local food Palette. It'll connect you to the country & its people... 

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